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Why a Video Recipe is better than a cookbook!

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Whilst cookbooks still definitely have a place in the homes of ‘cooking enthusiasts and aspiring Ferran Adriàs’ and look very nice on your bookshelf, there is one element they can’t compete with when it comes to evolution of information to a digital space – movement!

Video recipes offer more ease of use and targeted content to any particular mood or taste at that specific moment. No cookbook collection required or collected slowly over time – just Google the recipe you fancy creating right now and from any device, even the most novice of chefs can get something acceptable to the table!

Ask the younger generation when they last used a cookbook to muster up something in the kitchen and the answer is likely to be ‘never’. They have their phones / tablets with them at all times, it makes sense to use the same device to create their latest culinary fancy.

Video receipts are invariably easier to follow, offer a million options for each recipe in terms of ingredients, styles, level of expertise, relation to specific diets, etc., and offer simple, but highly useful features like stopping the video until you have caught up in the process.

Seeing the recipe being made just makes it that much easier to follow over reading text and adds and additional level of visual entertainment to the whole experience.

Seriously Fresh Media offers a vibrant, modern range of video recipes from every day dishes to more elaborate creations. Available with worldwide licensing rights and very competitive pricing, just contact us for more information and samples.

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