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Spaniards willing to pay more to watch 4K video

Spaniards willing to pay more to watch 4K video

Living in Spain as an ex-pat and knowing the problems with piracy in this country, I was surprised to see this article about Spaniards being willing to pay MORE to watch video content in 4k.

The report found that over the last 2 years there has been a big uptake in UHD TV set purchasing and that the Spaniards are really interested in having the 4k content to go with their sets, even if it means paying more.

That explains why my local TVOD service here offers different pricing models for SD and HD.

And whilst Spain is supposed to have some of the best 3g and 4g networks in Europe, up in the mountains, where I live, it’s a challenge to even view HD content without buffering issues.

Keeping in mind the report indicates aspirations of 4k, it will be interesting to see how that pans out with the QoE (Quality of Experience) reality.

That’s why Seriously Fresh offers a range of premium content libraries and hosted ‘turn-key’ solutions that have been built from the ground up to ensure customers get the best experience possible whatever the resolution or network capability.

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