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Shakeout among streaming video providers imminent

Euro SVOD market

An interesting survey from LEK, a management consulting firm, is suggesting that as the ‘Big 3’ (Netflix, Hulu and Amazon) vie for market share, the host of other streaming services such ‘skinny bundles’ and genre-focused services may be creating a situation of over-supply.

In 2015 for example, a record 34 ‘notable’ streaming services were launched. In 2017 however, only 10 similar level services were launched.

The survey also noted how this overall growth in streaming has impacted the Pay-TV providers, who have seen over 3 million US customers alone cancel in 2017, which is a threefold increase in the past 2 years.

But LEK found that these ex Pay-TV subscribers weren’t consuming less video content and their survey claims that by 2020, the big 3 are expected to have 200 million US subscriptions between them!

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