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Second-tier boom to drive global OTT to more than 400MN subs by 2022

Second-tier boom to drive global OTT to more than 400MN subs by 2022

If like us, you’ve worked considerably in emerging markets, you will have undoubtedly spotted the sharp spike in new geo-specific OTT services launching in the last 12 months.

Most of which are thriving alongside their industry leading counter-parts such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu for example.

The analyst, Parks Associates, is claiming that in the US alone, there are already over 200 over of these ‘second-tier’ services available and it’s set to ‘explode’ in the coming years.

In fact globally, Parks calculates there will be over 400 million OTT video services being offered to 265 million households worldwide by 2022!

And their reasoning is pretty solid – In order to foster greater customer appeal and retention in this booming market space, many more video services are adapting their service approach to fully leverage the opportunity.

Parks warned, however, that limited amounts of high-quality content still hinder OTT video services from taking a larger share of the Pay-TV subscribers and that this opens up opportunities for services to capture leading positions for particular content genres.

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