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Killing ‘OTT’: Why the Term ‘Over-the-Top’ Has Lost its Meaning:

Killing OTT

So I’ve learned something today! Netflix is actually an OTT/IPTV hybrid and not the benchmark OTT service definition we (or maybe just I) believe it to be.

And in fact it’s Skype that is a true OTT service in the classic sense.

Really interesting article (albeit a bit technical at times) about how our use of this current buzzword in both marketing and sales is quite often used incorrectly when trying to describe (or label) the streaming video service we are talking about.

It all actually comes down to where the paywall is and with Netflix quite often charging subscribers outside of the network, it is indeed an OTT service in this model, but when Netflix is bundled with an ISP / Telco offer it’s then simply an IPTV service.

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