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The importance of Great Content: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime to triple SVOD original content spending by 2022

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime

What an amazing reference for the vast importance for quality content for your VOD / DTV services in 2018!

Another 10% revenue growth and over 200 billion dollars consumer spend by next year (2018), with Netflix and Amazon committing more that $5 billion to original content.

However, I’m pretty sure the rest of us won’t all have 10 billion to invest in content in the coming year, so in order to compete with the OTT giants, content strategy, consumer targeting and QoE are more vital than ever.

Yes it’s easy to source content – even cheap content, but what are you buying for that price tag? How are the titles and libraries creating stickiness and loyalty with your customers? How are they increasing the subscription lifespan, sign-ups and social influencing?

Strategic planning and application of content libraries that effectively address both the technical landscape and the behaviour, demographic and desires of the target audiences are more essential than ever in 2018!

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