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Content for Women – COOL LOOK SERIES

Cool Look – HairstylesThis super practical series offers detailed instructions, tips and tricks to create eye-catching, contemporary hairstyles. The series includes ideas for every day, as well as styles for special events. A superb video reference book for being creative with your crowning glory and ensuring it’s always on-trend.

Cool Look – Make up and NailsAlong the same theme as Cool Look Hairstyles, this useful reference series offers the same detailed instructions and tips for wide selection of current makeup ‘looks’. Offering instructions for both night and day as well as great ideas for at-home manicures! A must watch for the growing trend of managing your beauty routine at home.

Cool Look – FitnessAnother great series of play-along instructional videos from the Cool Look brand. The fitness videos feature compact 10-minute workouts that are super easy to follow along with at home! Home practice is very on-trend right now with more and more women choosing a daily fitness route at home for better time management – just check out YouTube to see how popular it is becoming!


EPISODES: 350 x 12 min

Click on each image to see the sample. To view the video sample, use password: contentsfm

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