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Consumers worldwide spending fifth of daily life devouring video

Daily life devouring video

Video content is really becoming an ingrained part of our daily lives according to this new survey. The cultural and technical scope of participants in the survey was really broad covering 8,500 payTV and OTT subscribers across the US, Europe and Latam.

The results showed that the average subscriber within the group were engaged with video entertainment for nearly 5 hours day, which included nearly half an hour of searching for video content!

Another interesting insight from the results was the consumers were becoming their own aggregators of video services, so instead of just have a single outlet for video at home, they were aggregating multiple services tailored to their specific tastes and requirement.

I think Paul Stathacopoulos, vice president of strategy at TiVo (who commissioned the survey) summed it up perfectly when he said. “Success in this new environment will not be about a single content source monopolising the living room, instead it will be about adapting the business model to deliver value, integrated services and personalisation to meet the evolving consumer needs.”

The results of this survey really shines a spotlight on how video content is becoming (or has become) such an integrated part of our daily our lives beyond just watching programs and movies – for example, learning, self improvement, social, political, etc.

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