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Consumer demand driving media supply chain revolution

Supply chain revolution

Some interesting comments in this report by the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) in the UK. It offers insight into how those of us supplying video / entertainment content may need to review the very essence of how we structure our licensing deals to make them more flexible.

Ironically, I read this report after a conference call with a new client who, due to the responsive nature of their mobile video services, needed a deal where any content from our portfolio could be tested for a week or month (for example) and cancelled and/or exchanged for something else if it didn’t achieve the right response from their customer base.

I think we will see more of this. With so much content available and consumers really driving which content is successful through their selections, I totally agree that more flexibility in the structure of the licensing deals is required. Especially by the content creators / rights owners in order to improve the commercial / revenue opportunities of each piece of content within this new and disruptive entertainment environment.

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