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Augmented reality: Apple and Google’s next battleground

Augmented reality

As the AR market hots up, this great article from The Guardian takes a look at the two market leaders and offers insight into to strengths of each and why they might come out in front.

It’s interesting to note that like many new technologies (and comments I’ve written in the past), the successful adoption of these new technologies are just as dependent on ‘context’ as they are on tech.

The technical side is required for accessibility (available hardware, quality of experience in terms of connectivity and network etc.). All of which are vital to uptake and why Apple probably has the upper hand currently. Apple doesn’t have to rely on specialist hardware and its users all update their iOS pretty much as soon as it’s released.

However, I feel strongly that the context of the product, what value, use or experience it brings specifically for each consumer is often the deciding factor on whether the product will ultimately be successful or not – irrelevant of any technical set-backs.

Time will tell which of these two giants come out on top!

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