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For many years, Google only offered static 360º images for its Google Street View – until 360º cameras arrived and gave us the ‘full video’ of our desired location!

Youtube and Facebook now also accept 360º footage and videos. You just have to activate the option and the plethora of annual holiday videos now all have a completely new angle! (literally).

But from a logistical point of view, when taking that ideal holiday snap, it’s no longer just about what’s in-front of you. People are expecting the ‘full picture’, so you have to start considering what is going on AROUND the shot you want to take – does it add or detract from the context or the beauty of the original shot?

This video is a good example:

The addition of 360º filming here really adds to immersing you into the actual experience.
(You just need to click on the video and move, or if you see the video on the phone, you just need to move around you)

Samsung and Ricoh already have a great range of cameras on the market, and Nikon will launch new models in a few months. All of them are an action camera like ‘GoPro’ with 360º video recording (although at the moment, they don’t reach the same video quality as GoPro).

Here’s betting that both Youtube and Facebook will be packed with 360º videos in the coming months!

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