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Video streaming expected to spike in 2018

Thanks to the growing popularity of SVOD such as Netflix and HBO, our comfortableness with streaming video is at an all time high.

According to eMarketer, 65.1% of Internet users worldwide will stream video regularly this year!

Mobile continues to grow within this, with an expected 1.87 billion individuals using mobiles to watch digital videos in 2018.

Not surprisingly, social media is also playing a leading role in this upturn as well as video chat apps, such as Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.

The benefit of these major players driving up digital video usage is that it creates a new customer base already accustomed to and even comfortable with new ways of enjoying video content.

As history shows, once inline with new media innovations, it’s a much easier transition to the wider, more independent and interest-targeted services, which will benefit us all.

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