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Time Spent Viewing Long-Form Video Has Strong Uptick In Q1

Long-form video

I’d really appreciate your thoughts on this report from Ooyala. On one hand they highlight that 63% of time spent on digital video content across all screens is on long-form video, but that still means that over 47% of all time spent is on short form video.

In today’s entertainment world where so many of us are viewing content from our mobiles / tablets onto TV screens, wouldn’t we naturally lean more towards the traditional viewing habits of ‘settling down to watch a nice program or movie on the TV? If this is the case, wouldn’t we actually expect the 63% figure to be higher in 2017?

It even goes on to say that short-form content is more likely to be viewed in its entirety – so does that mean that viewers are selecting long-form content, but not viewing it completely – thus viewing it as short-form content?

Trying to look at things objectively, I have to admit that personally, I find it hard to believe that long-form content will completely dominate the market in the years to come.

I think Millenniums, Gen Z and future generations with their different behavioural patterns and interactions with media devices as ‘natives’ in comparison to us older ‘immigrants’ (I speak for myself here) will maintain an ongoing need for more ‘snackable / shareable / sociable content.

At Seriously Fresh Media we work with both forms and still see a strong demand for short-form content, even for OTT and VOD projects. The strategy behind this is more often than not to make a new service appealing to the Gens Y & Z.

Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

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