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A Solution for Search and Discovery?: SK Broadband launches AI IPTV service

A Solution for Search and Discover?: SK Broadband launches AI IPTV service

In what seems like a pretty simple concept. SK broadband have created a potentially ingenious solution to the age old challenge of VOD search and discovery.

Another 10% revenue growth and over 200 billion dollars consumer spend by next year (2018), with Netflix and Amazon committing more that $5 billion to original content.

Let’s face it, all the major VOD platforms leave a lot to be desired when it comes to browsing something to watch. I myself have probably lost a few days of my life looking for something on Netflix, Amazon or HBO (not helped by archaic broadband rubbish we have to tolerate in the Spanish mountains)

So having the option for AI voice control is a great first step. I particularly like that you can ‘drill down’ to fine tune your search on many levels – for example, you can search by category, then maybe filter to only free movies and then search within that for a specific actor.

In essence it’s not rocket science. It’s how we find stuff quicker in websites, but it could create a vast improvement to the customer experience overall.

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